Performing Arts

Stars for Saskatchewan Series

OSAC (the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils) is the umbrella organization under which local Arts Councils operate.  Part of the mandate of both local and provincial Arts Councils is to bring the performing arts to small rural communities.   The Langenburg Arts Council has been bringing performances to the stage of the George Layh Theatre for nearly 30 years.   Every year (with the exception of Covid years) we have sponsored a series of performances called the STARS FOR SASKATCHEWAN.    Typically our series consists of six performances for which we sell season tickets.   The performances are  selected by a committee of the Arts Council.   The committee members attend the provincial (OSAC) Conference where a number of artists “Showcase” their talent.    From this pool of exceptional national and international talent the committee chooses six “acts” to come to Langenburg.     The quality of the performances is excellent; the range of talent is amazing.