Board of Directors

The Langenburg Arts Council is guided by a Board of Directors.  It acts as an umbrella to a number of active committees: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Stars for Saskatchewan, Movie and Theatre Maintenance committees.  Approximately 45 people sit on these committees.


        Jan Layh   –  (President’s Report)


Jan Fogg


Fallon Prince

Stars for Saskatchewan:

Marion Firby

Performing Arts:

Denise Dobko, Fallon Prince, Patti Zerr

Visual Arts:

Jan Layh, Irene Adams, Avery Crittall-Layh, Deanna Yung, Sandra Hollenberg

Theatre Maintenance Committee:

Tim & Charlotte Raine

Movie Committee:

Avery Crittall-Layh, Deanna Youg, Dustin Van Caeseele, Patti Zerr

Marketing Committee

Deanna Yung, Kim Mitschke, Elora Lake, Denise Dobko

Tech Committee:

Dustin Van Caeseele

Board Members


Avery Crittall-Layh

Charlotte Raine

Charryl Kotzor

Deanna Yung

Denise Dobko

Dustin Van Caeseele

Elora lake

Fallon Prince

Irene Adams

Jan Fogg

Jan Layh

Kim Mitschke

Mirion Firby

Patti Zerr

Rob Zerr

Tim Raine