Board of Directors

The Langenburg Arts Council is guided by a Board of Directors.  It acts as an umbrella to a number of active committees: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Stars for Saskatchewan, Movie and Theatre Maintenance committees.  Approximately 45 people sit on these committees.


Board Members

  • Avery Crittall-Layh
  • Charlotte Raine
  • Charryl Kotzor
  • Deanna Yung
  • Denise Dobko
  • Dustin Van Caeseele
  • Fallon Prince
  • Irene Adams
  • Jan Fogg
  • Jan Layh
  • Miranda Galvin
  • Mirion Firby
  • Patti Zerr
  • Rob Zerr
  • Tim Raine


President: Jan Layh   –  (President’s Report)

Treasurer: Jan Fogg

Secretary: Fallon Prince

Stars for Saskatchewan: Marion Firby

Performing Arts: Patti Zerr, Cheryl Kotzer

Visual Arts: Jan Layh, Irene Adams, Avery Crittall-Layh, Deanna Yung

Theatre Maintance Comittee: Tim & Charlotte Raine

Movie Committee: Avery Crittal-Layh, Miranda Galvin


Langenburg Annual General Meeting 2016 is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 at 7:30 pm at the GEORGE LAYH THEATRE

Langenburg Arts Council Box office is Located at:

  • Langenburg Home Hardware  209 Kaiser William Ave, Langenburg Sk.  

    Ph. 306-743-2231


Ticket Pricing Details

All online orders have a fee that is included in the price


Until May 18th

  • Adult: $90(Save $60)
  • Family: $270(Save $150)  (Two Adults and two under 18 years)

May 18th

  • Adults: $110 (Save $40)
  • Family $330

 Total Single Price for 6 Shows

  • Adults: $150
  • Family: $420-$600

Door Prices

  • Adults: $25
  • Students $10 (door only)