The Arts Council is dedicated to providing opportunity for people of all ages to become involved in the arts.  We know that in order to build a strong (arts) community, children need to be exposed to the arts and become involved in the arts.  With Arts Education programming disappearing from our schools, we believe that arts councils can and should make a difference by sponsoring art programs, providing arts opportunities and supporting youth who chose an arts career path.

The Arts Council continues to provide a Scholarship for a graduate who has been active in the arts community and who plans to continue their secondary education in the arts.

The 2018 winner of this scholarship is TANNER ZERR.


  • Involved in the arts since elementary school
  • Lead roles in several School Drama (elementary and high school)productions
  • Lead Role in the arts council’s recent production of Chicago
  • Involved in the school band
  • Plays guitar and performs solo and with bands
  • Graduation valedictorian
  • Accepted to Drama Production at Langara College, Vancouver

Past Scholarship participants:


2018   Tanner Zerr

2017  Ana Zwick

2016  Cassidy Schmidt

2015  Emily Zerr

2014  Kaitlyn Zerr

2013  Carter Yont

2012  Taylor Zerr

2011  Brittany Hrywkiw