Langenburg Arts Council Vision

The Langenburg Arts Council provides a high standard of artistic experience by creating, encouraging & inspiring thereby enriching the community.


Mission Statement

The Langenburg Arts Council is dedicated to providing an opportunity for all to experience a variety of art forms.


In 1991 a small group of people purchased the community theatre, hoping to preserve it and make it a viable cultural centre.  In 1993, this core group established a non-profit corporation, the Langenburg Arts Council Inc. which accepted title to the theatre.  Since then the main focus of the Art’s Council has been to ensure the viability of the theatre.

In the years following the inception of the Langenburg Arts Council, our community has gone through a renaissance of sorts.  It has seen the difference that the arts can make to a community.  Like any community, we have talented people. But unique to Langenburg, those talented people have a spirit of community-mindedness.  They want to and they do make a difference.  They do it intentionally because it feels right, because they believe in the future of this community.

Board of Directors

The Langenburg Arts Council is guided by a Board of Directors.  It acts as a umbrella to a number of active committee: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Stars for Saskatchewan, Movies, & Theatre Maintenance committee Approximately 45 people sit on there committees.


Jan Layh


Jan Fogg


Fallon Prince

Stars for Saskatchewan

Deanna Yung

Performing arts

Fallon Prince, Patti Zerr

Visual Arts

Jan Layh, Avery Crittall-Layh, Deanna Yung

Theatre Maintenance 

Tim & Charlottte Raine

Movie Committee

Avery Crittell-Layh, Deanna Yung, Dustin Van Caeseele, Patti Zerr

Marketing Committee

Kim Mitschke, Deanna Yung

Tech Committee

Dustin Van Caeseele

  • Irene Adams
  • Danya Charlebois
  • Avery Crittall-Layh
  • Michelle Fiddler
  • Jan Fogg
  • Jan Layh
  • Kim Mitschke
  • Fallon Prince
  • Charlotte Raine
  • Tim Raine
  • Dustin Van Caeseele, 
  • Deanna Yung
  • Patti Zerr
  • Rob Zerr